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Aubrey Gianna's Boutique
Accessories to babies is like water to roses, in that it’s absolutely essential! Your sweet baby girl would look sweeter with our super comfy and in-vogue hair accessories. We’ve got trendy round-knotted turban hats, ribbed flower turban wraps, and the cutest nylon headbands with giant bows for your dearest little girl. We choose the softest fabrics and the trendiest print and styles, so your baby can become the talk of all the moms in town. These boutique-style bows and ribbons also make the perfect gift for baby showers and birthdays! Check out our full list of adorable baby accessories and order yours today.


Abby Bow Headwrap

$ 7.99
$ 5.99
Low Stock
Low Stock

Luna Cable Knit Bow

$ 8.99
$ 5.99
Low Stock

Turban Hat- Messy Bow

$ 11.99
$ 10.99

Lace Bow Nylon Headwraps

$ 5.99
$ 1.79

Ribbed Flower Turbans

$ 12.99
$ 4.19